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The K2 Episode 12 RECAP


Being the center of attention isn’t always easy, but Anna will need to stay in the spotlight in order to face her enemies head-on. Publicity acts like a double-edged sword this hour because while she isn’t the only one placed under the investigative microscope, the public exposure can invite other unforeseen consequences. The limelight will wait for no one, least of all the Barcelona Angel.


Se-joon joins the Democratic Party by Representative Park per his deal with Yoo-jin. It’s all smiles for the cameras but Representative Park grits out that this fight between them isn’t over until one of them is dead.

Their secretaries exchange pointed barbs, one of which flies at Chief Joo, who acknowledges that it’s all due to Representative Park that he left the military long ago.

Sung-won upholds his promise by taking Anna to her mother’s gravesite, though their visit is accompanied by the press. The reporters wonder why Yoo-jin would’ve left her allegedly close friend’s grave to be neglected over the years.

Anna’s eyes well up in tears before her mother’s tombstone, and she places her hands over the mound. “Mom…” she softly cries. She tearfully apologizes that it took so long for her to get here, and adds that Mom shouldn’t wait up for her father because he won’t come. She asks her mother to sleep peacefully without any pills now.

Her choice of words leave the reporters puzzled, so Sung-won bends down and says her mother and father are now reunited in heaven. He steps away to get a call from his informant: the TV host who has conducted Yoo-jin’s interviews.

She has another tidbit on Anna’s mother that we don’t get to hear but Sung-won is appreciative.

Master Song is still upset that he was left out of the classified details on the attack against Representative Park. But he does know how Sung-won ended up inheriting JB Group in spite of Yoo-jin having much of the subsidiaries’ support. Yoo-jin was an excellent student but had poor taste in men, so when a playboy like Se-joon courted her, she naturally fell for him.

Not only did the late chairman oppose the union, JB Group had fallen on tough financial times. So the late chairman lined up a bunch of chaebols for Yoo-jin to marry instead, but she refused to marry any of them. Conversely, Sung-won readily married his father’s choice of wife, so it’s all thanks to his in-laws that he became the JB Group chairman, which is why he’s acts so subservient to his father-in-law.

But that doesn’t make Sung-won any less of a threat—in fact, he’s even more dangerous because no one could ever tell what he was truly thinking. Master Song has been part of JB Group even before JSS was even created, which is why he knows so much.

Sung-won and Anna pay a visit to an inmate in prison who recognizes her. Oh, is he the shadow from her mother’s room? He is, and he wonders if Anna doesn’t recognize him because he was the one who shone a flashlight in her face. Ah, that would explain the trigger to her panic attacks.

Anna seems to remember now, and the man launches into his story: He’d snuck in to rob another rich person’s house, only to find it was the movie star Um Hye-rin’s home. He hid in a corner when he heard a noise, thinking it was another burglar.

But that wasn’t the case, and the man stops himself, amusingly worried that the next bit could traumatize Anna. She swallows her fear and tells him to continue, so he does: someone had smothered Anna’s mother and stuck a syringe into her neck.

Anna realizes that her memory hadn’t failed her, and the man confirms that he saw the face of the true culprit. He teases that he probably remembers, but he won’t give that information up for free.

Sung-won chuckles, and his lawyer states it is possible to reduce the man’s prison sentence by a few years. Now they have the man’s attention, and he doesn’t need a photo to remember: “It was the ajumma next to you on TV. That woman.”

Anna’s memory pulls up an image of Yoo-jin smothering her mother. Sung-won looks smug and agrees to deal with anyone who might harm the inmate.

Anna is irritated that they can’t report Yoo-jin to the police now since that would jeopardize her father’s presidential campaign. That might not matter much to Anna, but Sung-won explains that her father needs to become president for her to be free. Yoo-jin should be punished for her crimes, but they need to make her father look like an innocent victim in all this.

All they need is a few days, but she mustn’t breathe a word of this to Je-ha because it could reach Yoo-jin’s ears. He sighs at Anna’s naivete that Je-ha wouldn’t betray her, saying that Je-ha is working for Yoo-jin and may not have a choice.

Speaking of whom, Je-ha gets worried when he’s unable to reach Anna. He’s directed to the salon where Anna is, in fact, getting ready for the fashion show tonight. He asks why she sent Mi-ran away since that means she didn’t have a bodyguard, but he tamps down his frustration.

The salon owner notes how they don’t seem to share a typical bodyguard-client relationship, and Je-ha’s eyes go wide when Anna introduces him as her boyfriend. He’s shoved into the chair, as a hint of doubt crosses Anna’s face.

They show up to the fashion show looking sharp, though Je-ha’s expression hardens when Sung-won confirms that Anna has taken the medication he gave her earlier. They swing by to see the designer, who expresses how honored he is to feature Anna before the other well-known designer, Jean-Paul Lafelt, looking for his Barcelona Angel.

While she’s getting ready, she asks Sung-won for more medication to calm her nerves. Sung-won obliges, though Je-ha swipes the bottle and pulls Anna aside to remind her that this would be her third dosage today.

He fears she might overdose or grow dependent on them, but Anna wants to make sure she does a good job today to honor her mother. She asks him to let her today and softly asks for the pills.

Anna is pulled away just then, so Je-ha confronts Sung-won about the real reason why he’s feeding Anna medication and having her stand onstage. Sung-won plays dumb and says Anna is paying tribute to her mother.

A celebrity is both easily loved and easily forgotten, so they need to stir the public’s curiosity about why Anna’s mother died. “That’s what Anna and I want,” he finishes.

Je-ha softens when he’s delivered a water bottle with a note from Anna. He takes a gulp and flashes the bottle to her when she steps out of the tent in her wardrobe. He looks on as Anna speaks to the crowd, thanking everyone for coming out in remembrance of her mother.

As the crowd applauds, Anna vows to her mother to unearth the truth behind her wrongful death. Je-ha is there when she steps off, and he praises her.

The show begins, and prior to her turn, Je-ha sees Anna ask for more pills. Even Mi-ran is concerned, but Anna steps on the catwalk albeit with a shaky gait.

She keeps walking past the bright lights, her walk wavering with each step. Sung-won nods to a staffer who then signals a light operator to shine a beam in Anna’s face. As she starts to fall, Je-ha runs toward her and whips her around away from the beam.

Yoo-jin reads about the fashion show the next morning and smiles when she zooms in on the photo to see Je-ha. Secretary Kim enters her office and is reluctant to read aloud an online post claiming that Anna is Yoo-jin and the late Director Go’s daughter.

She scoffs at the absurd story, but there’s more to it: Apparently, Um Hye-rin married the director without knowing this and was tasked to raised Anna. However once Um Hye-rin found out, she returned to Korea to blackmail Yoo-jin for money, and Yoo-jin later killed her for fear the world may find out.

Secretary Kim stops herself again, but Yoo-jin instructs her to continue. This story believes that Yoo-jin and Se-joon’s marriage is just for show, and now Anna is in Sung-won’s hands. Aha, this must be the tale Sung-won has been planning to release, though Yoo-jin fumes at how this story portrays Se-joon as an innocent.

Sung-won readily admits to being responsible for spreading such a wild tale when Anna asks him about it. He defends the idea that the press eats up outlandish stories, but Anna still doesn’t get how sullying her mother’s name will come back to hurt Yoo-jin.

To that, Sung-won patronizes Anna for her naivete, saying this will start an investigation against Yoo-jin, and that’s when they’ll use their hidden card.

All this talk about the criminal justice process flies over her head, and Sung-won tells Anna to trust him—he would never frame Anna’s mother for anything, and the truth will come to light once the investigation begins. He makes sure that Anna hasn’t said anything to Je-ha, and adds they’ll go to the police station today.

The current events show discusses this rumor on their latest broadcast. The assemblyman pokes holes in the story’s veracity, like how Anna was born before Yoo-jin and Se-joon were married, and a simple DNA test would prove whether the women are mother and daughter.

He finds the very idea that Yoo-jin would kill Um Hye-rin because of blackmail absurd. He empathizes with Anna’s desire to get to the bottom of her mother’s mysterious death, and calls for the police to reopen the case. He even calls upon Yoo-jin to undergo questioning, which has Yoo-jin wonder if the assemblyman is still on their side.

Sung-won and Anna are bombarded by the press when they arrive at the police station. He angrily hollers that he’ll take legal action against those responsible for the offensive post, only to break into a smile once they’re past the mob.

They sit down with the police commissioner, and Sung-won asks that he take special measures with the case of Anna’s mother. This may all start like a classic case of defamation, but a few key testifiers could open up a few more cases.

Afterward, the police commissioner relays to Representative Park that he thinks Sung-won is after Yoo-jin. The politician laughs that of course they need to reopen the case, amused that Yoo-jin and Sung-won are having it out without him having to lift a finger.

The gears are surely in motion, as we see a reporter seek out the prosecutor for the inside scoop on Yoo-jin and the chances of reopening the case. Sung-won is pleased to see an article about it pop up not long afterward.

Yoo-jin, meanwhile, takes part in her volunteer event as scheduled. A swarm of reporters circle around her asking for a statement, and she can feel her head throbbing before she faints.

She’s taken to the hospital, and Sung-won laughs at his noona’s quick thinking of being hospitalized. Little does he know that it was actual fainting spell, and though CEO Gook outwardly says it’s likely all part of a well-thought-out plan, he too appears worried.

The entertainment news reporter finds the entire situation surrounding the online post odd. There’s talk that there’s a witness to Um Hye-rin’s murder, and the netizens scorn Yoo-jin while showing Se-joon pity. He worries that at this rate, Anna’s name could be dragged into the mess.

Over at the house, Se-joon decides to head upstairs to see his daughter when Anna refuses to see him. He knocks on her door, but she sends him away.

Master Song is initially barred entry when he tries to see Yoo-jin at the hospital. But she hears the noise and lets him in, and he hands her a juice she used to enjoy. She sends everyone out so they can speak alone, and it’s apparent they share a longtime amicable relationship.

He laughs when she suggests that he speak in banmal, but then he solemnly asks Yoo-jin to leave Anna alone. She tenses when he confirms that’s why he came here, and gets more upset at his hunting analogy of letting the baby animal live even if the mother is killed.

Master Song continues to try her patience when he mentions how her late father would’ve opposed her decision to do this and that he’s not sure he might do if Yoo-jin keeps this up. He isn’t fazed when she throws the bottle of juice to the floor and calmly leaves.

Se-joon heads to the JB Group headquarters where Sung-won, his mother, and his father-in-law are popping the figurative champagne over how Se-joon is free to join their ranks thanks to the online post.

Je-ha checks in on Anna, wondering why she didn’t see her father. He moves on to remark on the online post, explaining how Yoo-jin isn’t someone who would do her own dirty work. Furthermore, if there had been a witness, she would’ve already dealt with them.

Anna disagrees that it isn’t the case this time, and then ventures, “Are you on my side… or Choi Yoo-jin’s side?” He answers that he’s on her side, but she counters that he’s still part of JSS whereas Mi-ran and Sung-gyu have already made the jump to JB Group.

She asks what he and Yoo-jin are up to, and he explains that he hasn’t told her because nothing good will come from this knowledge. He finishes the thought in his head, “Because… it involves killing someone.”

CEO Gook has dinner with the police commissioner, who’s still bitter about being deceived the night Representative Park was cornered. A drink is all it takes to smooth things over, and CEO Gook mutters that despite all the commotion, Se-joon has a good shot at becoming president.

Laughing, he tells the police commissioner that they’ll just play both sides and reap the rewards. So the police commissioner can still keep collecting information from Representative Park, and they toast to that.

Still troubled, Je-ha seeks out Yoo-jin to find out the truth. He wouldn’t be surprised if she actually killed Anna’s mother, since it’s likely not the only life she’s taken. “Why do you want to know that?” Yoo-jin returns.

“Because of Anna,” Je-ha replies. Anna believes Yoo-jin was the murderer, but he isn’t sure if he should stop her from doing anything about it. Yoo-jin says to let Anna do whatever she likes, an answer he accepts. Still, he would love to know the answer to this question to satiate his curiosity: “Did you… kill Um Hye-rin?”

Yoo-jin pauses before agreeing to tell him and only him: “I… didn’t kill Um Hye-rin. I certainly didn’t order anyone to kill her, either.”

He asks why she let Se-joon and Anna think that she did then, and she answers, “Because that way, Se-joon would truly believe I was capable of killing Anna. Because that way, Se-joon wouldn’t be able to leave my side that night or any night afterward. And because I… know who the real culprit is. But I can’t say who it is.”

If Je-ha is still curious, he can go ask her magic mirror about it because her computer knows everything about her. She’s adjusted the controls so that it’ll listen to his voice too now, and someone will need to listen in on their enemies while she undergoes investigation.

“Why is that me, of all people?” Je-ha asks. She reminds him that he deleted the email he treasured like his own life because he trusted her. Now she’s returning the favor by entrusting him with what she holds most dear: her magic mirror.

Sung-won barges into the room with a half-apology that he didn’t knock before entering again. He notes the gloomy mood, sending Je-ha a smile when the latter leaves. He isn’t fazed when Yoo-jin criticizes his writing skills nor when she threatens to destroy JB Group if he continues to test her.

He cheerily says Yoo-jin can give him Cloud Nine then, and Yoo-jin says she’d been wondering why their father had left him with JB Group, but gave JSS to her. It may have been a strategic move for Sung-won to form a marriage alliance with Jinhan Group, but what if their father was trying to protect his company from being taken over by Jinhan Group later on?

She wonders if that’s why Sung-won’s father-in-law is so anxious to have Cloud Nine for himself, but Sung-won returns that though with another question: “Do you think JB Group would’ve survived to this day if I had trusted my father-in-law?”

Sung-won says he probably would’ve taken over Jinhan Group if it weren’t for Cloud Nine keeping such a close eye on him. He laughs when Yoo-jin says it’s a relief he didn’t take after his mother, then offers some of subsidiary companies from JB Group.

She won’t have much time to think it over, Sung-won continues—she’ll either undergo a light questioning or be arrested for Um Hye-rin’s murder.

Je-ha heads down to the Cloud Nine sublevel where he no longer has to pass through any security measures. Just as Yoo-jin said, the computer recognizes his voice and affirms that he has full access to the informational database. He’s free to ask any and all questions, including ones about Yoo-jin.

Se-joon comes down to the hospital per Yoo-jin’s request. She explains that it’s better that they head to the police station together if they’re both expected to be there. When she asks that she’d like for him to be by her side, he answers, “Why? Do you need someone to catch you?”

He offers to send her with his bodyguards, but they show up to the station together. The press are eager for a statement, so she gives it. Not only is Anna watching this broadcast but so is Sung-won and Representative Park in their respective offices, and so is Je-ha down in the sublevel.

She apologizes to the people for not coming clean sooner, and speaks with tears falling from her eyes: “My Anna… is my daughter. And Anna is like my own daughter.”

“Anna is…” she says carefully. “…my husband, Assemblyman Jang Se-joon’s biological daughter.”


Surely this couldn’t be the plan Yoo-jin had in mind when she hinted in the previous episode’s cliffhanger about a plan in motion, could it? Or maybe, like so many other times, we’re left to wait several more episodes before any statement is brought back into the narrative foreground again.

Yoo-jin’s public declaration takes away the one card that could’ve been used against her, but what she does next will determine whether or not it was to her advantage. Neither she nor Secretary Kim could’ve anticipated the gossip online post about her and Anna, though she isn’t the least surprised that Sung-won was responsible for it. As for her fainting spell, while there are some characters who hope to believe that the moment of weakness was a part of a bigger plan, I’m inclined to think that her head throbbing was real, since she has previously mentioned it in times of extreme stress. It’s a bit hard to believe that a story everyone questioned the validity of would be her tipping point in this hour, but her hospitalization did give us some important exchanges.

The most crucial of those is her admission to Je-ha that she did not murder Anna’s mother or call for the hit. Given her level of concern for him, I don’t think she would’ve lied to Je-ha about this admission. Even if it was misguided, she acknowledges that it was this idea that enabled her to control Se-joon, whom she loved once but did not love her in return. If we are to take her words at face value, then she knows who truly killed Anna’s mother and cannot speak the name. That statement begs the question of who that might be and why she either cannot or chooses not to divulge the culprit.

Her admission contradicts Anna’s memory in this episode, which called upon an image of Yoo-jin smothering her mother. What’s also confusing is that the shadow mentions the woman who sits next to Anna during her interview, which leaves open the tiny possibility that it wasn’t Yoo-jin. But then if the murderer was the TV host, I would think that Yoo-jin would have no qualms about getting rid of her. So basically, we’re left wondering who is telling us the truth.

What we don’t know is just how far Sung-won has cast his net either. While he pulls off publicity stunts like tribute fashion shows and Anna’s visit to her mother’s grave, we see some ripples that hint that he’s also working toward something else. If we’re to believe that Sung-won is as cunning and mysterious as Master Song says he is, that is. He’s planted a seed of doubt in Anna about Je-ha, and he’s actively keeping Anna confused about his methods, masking his true intentions for possibly exposing Yoo-jin and acquiring Cloud Nine by focusing on reopening the case of Anna’s mother’s death.

I really do wonder what advantage Yoo-jin’s supercomputer has in this political war since any social media or online post about her or Anna is transmitted through her human secretary. Aside from the look into a few notable board members and digging into a part of Je-ha’s past, the mirror hasn’t added that much to the narrative. While you may not be able to see your own reflection in its transparent glass, Magic Mirror sure is a convenient way to watch television below ground.